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Are you looking for a musical toy that's going to teach your kids how to play songs and develop their artistic talent? Well Playme Pat Bells might be what you're looking for. I got this for my kids and I'm glad I did. There are lots of reasons why I feel parents are going to appreciate this toy over other options out there:
·       Other musical instruments you might get for your kids are going to teach them songs, but the songs will not always be easy to learn. Kids need something that's very simple. If something is too tough they will likely give up or not have fun. With Playme Pat Bells the songs are very easy to learn, which will only encourage kids to play with it more.
·       Other toys rely on fancy methods in order to teach kids how to play certain music. Some kids take to them while others don'. With Playme Pat Bells this is never a problem. Seeing as how it uses colors in order to teach kids songs there's no chance a kid will get confused by this. Plus the visual stimulation is really a big bonus. It will serve to keep your kids captivated.
·       With other toys the songs they teach might be fun and entertaining, but how easy of a time does your child have with remembering these songs. What good is it going to do your child if they can't remember the songs they are learning? With Playme Pat Bells the color coded songs are very simple to remember so kids can play their favorite songs again and again once they learn them.
 ·       Let's not forget one big benefit of Playme Pat Bells. This eco toys is very easy to play with, but it%u2019s not going to be something a child will enjoy as they get older. However, I feel by letting your child play with this toy it will push them in the direction of wanting to learn how to play other musical instruments. This is a good thing and it will really benefit your child.
Basic product description
With Playme Pat Bells your kids will not require the use of a mallet in order to strike anything. There is no need for a handle to hold onto either. All kids have to do is tap the wooden knobs in order to make some pretty interesting sounds. Playme Pat Bells work well for small children or for the whole family. This eco toy has a patented design that gets rid of the double ring effect that usually irritates young learners when they try to play with regular bells. A simple tapping motion will make very nice sound for children. You really must hear these in order to believe how good they sound. Kids play it by going along with color coded songs or they can create music of their own. It also helps with eye-hand coordination and self confidence.
Product details
·       Product is made in Taiwan.
·       Every bell is 4x3x4 inches, and the case is 15x10x5 inches.
·       Every bell is created from beechwood and iron.
·       Product is recommended for children ages 3 and up.
·       Each bell is made of beechwood and iron.Recommended for ages 3 and up.
·       Manufactured by: Beyond 123
·       EcoScore: 88

I personally believe that the strongest selling point of Playme Pat Bells comes from the organic materials they are created from along with kids being able to follow colors in order to learn songs. The ability to follow colors makes things so much easier to remember and this is going to enable your kid to come up with all sorts of songs they can play. It's definitely a confidence booster and is going to bring out your kids artistic side. This is very important, because an artistic kid is usually one that's well rounded and well balanced. 
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